Impact Hoops has been inspired through a passion for the game and a passion to influence and impact basketball players and coaches.

We are committed to developing standout players and leaders by creating a championship culture in everything we do. We teach players how to train like a champion, how to play smart fundamental basketball, and how to become great leaders. We believe that the skills and habits we teach will help each player improve their game, pursue excellence, overcome adversity, and uplift every environment they are a part of.

1. A Great Basketball Experience

At Impact Hoops we take tremendous pride in giving each athlete the best basketball experience possible. We do that by providing:

2. Tough, smart, fundamental basketball.

At Impact Hoops we help athletes develop the fundamental skills and habits of all GREAT players. Specifically you will learn HOW to:

3. Leadership & Character Development

At Impact Hoops we are very passionate about developing young leaders who will influence their teams, schools, and communities. Specifically you will learn HOW to:

If you want to become the type of player and leader that coaches can count on, that teammates can look up to, and that fans love to watch then we're the place for you.