Coach Testimonials

Tyler Coston

Head Director of PGC Basketball (One of North America's leading basketball camps)

"Jon has the rare combination of an accomplished player with the gift of communication that athletes respond to."

George Bergen

Head Coach of the Walnut Grove Senior Boys Basketball Team. (2016 AAAA Final Four)

"My experience with Impact Hoops has been refreshingly positive! Coach Jon`s focus on fundamental skill development and leadership has been the key to my players' continued development."

Yash Zandiyeh

Head Coach of the Killarney Senior Boys Basketball Team. (2015 Jr Boys Provincial Champions)

"I had the opportunity to visit Jon and the Impact team for a few hours during one of his summer camps. Five minutes into it I was taken aback by the level of energy and enthusiasm displayed by the camp coaches. Even more impressive was how the players were feeding off the energy and were communicating with each other during drills. Players were a mirror image of the coaches as they were positive, verbal and full of a desire to learn. Jon's camps are the perfect example of a positive environment where athletes can grow and develop as players"

Player Testimonials

Jalen Edwards

Current player at Northeastern College in Colorado

"The concepts Impact teach are very similar to those I play under at the American university level. The incredible attention to detail and emphasis on communication is mirrored and increased on the college stage. On a daily basis, drills and principles I learned at Impact are integrated into my practices. Attending Impact is a must for any athlete who envisions a future of playing post-secondary basketball."

Asher Mayan

Current player at Thomson Rivers University in Kamloops

"Impact has given me the opportunity to train alongside other hard-working players and an intelligent coaching staff. Coach Jon’s ability to teach the game and bring energy is invaluable to young players, and very few camps create such an encouraging and inspiring environment for players to train and compete in. I would highly recommend Impact Hoops for any player wanting to learn skills that matter in games."

Will Dykstra

Current player at Redeemer University in Ontario

"Impact is a unique, encouraging, and competitive environment that develops complete players on and off the court. My years of learning under Coach Jon & Coach Aly have positively shaped the way I play and teach the game, as well as my involvement in the wider community. The emphasis on intangibles, communication, and leadership helped me build great habits, as these become even more important at the college level."