2 Ways To Be Mentally Tough This Season

Oct 1, 2017

Everyone wants to win more games and everyone wants to have more fun! How do you accomplish that this season?

GET TOUGHER. Get Mentally Tougher. Angela Lee Duckworth, noted psychologist and professor at the University of Pennsylvania says that “Grit and Mental Toughness – the combination of passion and perseverance” is the #1 indicator of success.

Here are 2 practical ways to develop Grit & Mental Toughness this season:

1. View every negative circumstance as an opportunity:

Basketball is a game of adversity. This season you will have bad games, your coach will get on you, the refs will make bad calls, you may get injured, you may lose a string of games, you may have difficult teammates. In those moments when you’re facing adversity, hardship, and difficult circumstances you have a choice.

You can view it from a negative mindset or a victim mindset where you blame others, make excuses, feel sorry for yourself.

Or you can view it from a positive mindset a champion mindset where you turn adversity into opportunity. An opportunity to take responsibility, to learn from your mistakes, and to focus completely on things you control. Your attitude and effort.

A Champion mindset understands that adversity is an opportunity for growth, an opportunity to gain an edge over your opponent, and an opportunity to prepare yourself for even bigger and better challenges down the road.

What mindset will you have this season?

2. Rise above your feelings:

Today do something you don’t feel like doing. Wake-up the moment your alarm goes off. Make your bed in the morning. Eat broccoli. Encourage a difficult person.

If you act the way you feel you won’t be successful at anything in life.

This season we challenge you to rise above your feelings. You don’t feel like getting up at 6am for a morning shooting work-out? You don’t feel like going to 3pm weight training after school? You don’t feel like bringing your best hustle and energy to practice #42 of the season on a cold rainy January night?

RISE ABOVE and commit to an action over feelings mindset.

RISE ABOVE and rise to the level of your aspirations

RISE ABOVE and develop the muscle of mental toughness.

At Impact we believe there are no secret and no shortcuts to success. There are also no secrets and no shortcuts to developing mental toughness. You must practice it daily. Practice rising above your feelings. Practice viewing every negative circumstance as an opportunity. It will help you win more games and it will help you have more fun playing basketball this season!

Written by Impact Hoops Owner/Head Director Jon Schmidt.

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