5 Qualities of a Great Coach:

November 1, 2016

1. Build Relationships with Players.

Every interaction with our players is an opportunity to either strengthen or weaken the relationship with them. As coaches we can strengthen that relationship through simple measures. Acknowledge each player before & after practice, a simple word of encouragement, asking questions beyond basketball. Theodore Roosevelt famously said: “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”.

2. Bring Passion and Energy.

Passion and energy are fundamental to success in every aspect of life. As coaches the passion and energy we bring will inspire players to enjoy the game, to work harder, to improve quicker, and to ultimately win more games. Legendary Coach Mike Krzyzewski, winner of 5 NCAA National Championships at Duke says: “A winner’s gym is a loud gym, and a loser’s gym is a quiet gym”

3. Create a Culture of Excellence.

As coaches the culture of our programs start with us. If we want others others to embody and represent our values then culture matters. We must teach it, model it, and live it out every day. PGC Basketball Director Sam Allen says: “Holding kids to a ridiculously high standard is one of the best things teachers can do. That’s where massive change & growth can happen”.

4. Be a Great Teacher.

Legendary Coach John Wooden, winner of 10 NCAA national championships at UCLA said: “You haven’t taught until they have learned”. Wooden’s 8 laws of learning state the following: Instruction, demonstration, repetition, feedback, repetition, repetition, repetition, repetition. This season have the discipline to talk less, play more, and ask more questions. Your players will thank you for it.

5. Be Grateful

Coaching is both an opportunity and a responsibility. This season there will be distractions: Difficult players, difficult parents, losing, and much more can steal your joy as a coach. Don’t let it, focus on what you control and be grateful for the opportunity to coach, lead, and influence young people. Billy Graham said: “A coach will impact more people in a year than the average person does in a lifetime”.



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