3 Ways To Maximize Your Season

Dec 1, 2017

High School Basketball is back! We hope this brings anticipation and excitement for every player. An opportunity to compete, to be part of a team, and to represent your school is a great privilege. Our hope is to see each player maximize their season. Here are 3 ways to do that:

1. Focus on what you Control.

In basketball and life the ability to focus on what you control is paramount to success. This becomes even more important when you face adversity or difficult circumstances. In those moments when your coach is getting on you, when you’re not playing well, when you’re not playing at all, or when the refs seem to be against you, what is your mindset going to be?

An average mindset. They become consumed on things they cannot control. The truth is the majority of players and people fall into this category. You will never reach your full potential with an average mindset.

A champion mindset. They lock in and FOCUS completely on the things they can CONTROL. Being the hardest worker on the floor, bringing the most energy on the court and from the bench, being a great teammate and encouraging others, being coachable and doing the things the coach values.

2. Know your Role. Accept your Role. Star in your Role.

On every high school team there are around 12-15 players and maybe 1 at the most will average 20 points a game. Think about that for a second. 1 player does not win a game alone. It takes an entire team of players who know their role, accept their role, and star in their role every day.

Know your role: If you’re not sure ask your coach. Ask your coach what you can improve on to help your team be successful. Every team needs players who play great defense, rebound the ball, take care of the ball, sprint the floor, set screens, and take smart shots to name a few. Take pride in all the little things that win games.

Accept your role: Your role is greatly determined by the amount of work you put in over the last 8-9 months (And years before). Within a short 3 month season your role generally won’t change too much. This isn’t always easy to hear but it will make your life and your season more enjoyable if you fully accept your role.

Star in your Role: “Not every one can be a star, but everyone can star in their role”. We love this quote by Doc Rivers. It’s so important for young players to understand that if they want a bigger role on the team, they must first star in their current role.

3. Be Grateful

Gratitude is the antidote for fear, anxiety, and entitlement. This season be grateful.

Be grateful for your parents. They drive you to games, they pay for your shoes, they feed you, they do your laundry, they help you with homework, they love you and support you during good times and challenging times. Be extra grateful to your parents.

Be grateful for your coaches. They are mostly parent or teacher volunteers who go above and beyond to make a difference in the lives of young people. We challenge you to go the whole season without complaining about your coach. Support them and respect them every day.

Be grateful for your teammates. Be grateful for your teachers. Be grateful for your custodians. Be grateful for all the people in your life who do extra to support you.

Written by Impact Hoops Owner/Head Director Jon Schmidt.



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