Development - Excellence - Leadership

March 15, 2017

It’s March 15 and that means you have over 8 months to get better before next season! Here are 3 things we’re committed to providing this off-season which we believe are crucial for any youth sports program.

1. Development

  • Proper skill development is teaching with passion, precision, purpose.
  • Proper skill development is much more than dribbling, passing, and shooting with no defenders.
  • Proper skill development is teaching players skills that directly transfer to games. Ball-Handling against pressure, shooting against pressure, beating one defender, finishing against contact, reading the help side defense, playing with vision, moving without the ball, spacing, screening, and much more.

2. Excellence

  • Excellence is about having ridiculously high standards and holding yourself and others accountable.
  • Excellence is about practicing and playing with incredible passion, energy, hustle, focus, and toughness every single day.
  • Excellence is hard. If it was easy everyone would pursue it.

3. Leadership

  • Leadership and character development is foundational for long term success.
  • Leadership is learning how to be respectful, how to be coachable, how to be a great teammate, how to communicate more effectively, how to be mentally tough and handle adversity.
  • Leadership is a full time job for players with serious aspirations.

At Impact we are committed to development, excellence, and leadership. Players, parents, and coaches, we encourage you to focus on these values when choosing any type of youth sport program.



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