Part 2: 4 Ways Parents Can Create A Positive Youth Sport Environment:

April 1, 2019

Last week we shared Part 1 of our series 4 ways parents can create a positive youth sport environment.  We focused specifically on the "car ride home" and "asking questions that promote learning and improvement."   Today we are sharing on how parents can support the referees (equally important for coaches and players).

Support The Referees: (Equally as important for players and coaches)

Support the referees? Is this a typo? Aren’t all referees blind cheaters who hate your team?

The honest truth is that how we view refeeres is a legitimate problem in sports. It’s not only a problem from a character standpoint but also a performance standpoint. Here are 3 reasons why coaches, parents, and players should always treat the referees with respect:

1. What kind of example are you setting when watching a game:

Are you yelling at the refs from the stands? Are you complaining about the refs after the game? Are you making excuses for your kids and their team because of the refs?

How parents, coaches, and adults act towards referees will directly impact a young athlete. A poor attitude will only enable excuses, create a habit of complaining, and build a permanent disrespect towards refs. “Your kids hear what you say, but they remember what you do”.

2. Put yourself in the referees shoes:

You put in an 8 hour day of work. You’re grabbing a quick dinner at home with your family. One of your kids had a tough day at school. Now you’re going to ref a Grade 9 basketball game to make some extra money. How would you like to be treated in that situation? The picture below sums it up best. The refs are doing a great service and are providing opportunities for young athletes to play youth sports. Let’s treat them like real human beings.

3. You will have a tremendous advantage over your opponent:

Think about the enormous advantage you will have over the other team if you treat the referees with respect and place 100% of your focus on the things you control. Guess who else might be getting distracted by the refs, getting frustrated by the refs, getting emotionally bent out of shape by the refs? THE OTHER TEAM!

For coaches specifically: If you’re constantly on the refs to get those one or two extra calls a game. It’s not worth it. Your players will model your behavior and if you’re focused on the refs all game so will your players. Over the course of a game and a season how your players respond to refs is far more important than that one extra call a game.

“View every challenging circumstance as an opportunity to demonstrate your mental toughness”

Here is a great challenge for your next game: Go the entire game without complaining towards the refs. It will be hard, it will take discipline, but you will probably like the results.

Written by Impact Hoops Owner/Head Director Jon Schmidt.



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